Membership at Evergreen Commons

Evergreen Commons is a community center for active living which provides adults, age 50+ an opportunity to access and engage in a diverse selection of enrichment & fitness activities. Membership at Evergreen Commons is easy, and provides you with access to all of the benefits of our 50+ community center. As a member, you have exclusive opportunities to feel a sense of community, join others to advocate for the needs of older adults, and have access to a multitude of amenities such as the following...

Special 'membership pricing' for programs & classes                                                            

Members-only access to:

  • Cardio and strength training in the Fitness Center (with appropriate fees)

  • Locker rooms, pool and hot tub (with appropriate fees)

  • State-of-the-art Wood-shop (with appropriate fees)

  • Games, clubs & groups

  • Computer Lab & Library

  • Full service travel agency with certified travel agents


  • Subscription to our monthly Courier

  • Internet access & WiFi

  • A multitude of volunteer opportunities

Pricing and Fees


Individual Membership Pricing

  • $50/annually


Day Passes 

Interested in learning more? We welcome guests 50+, and have the following day passes available at the Member/Guest Services desk:

  • Non-Member/Guest Life Enrichment Day Pass - $5: Day passes are available for those guests that wish to use the library, computer lab, and participate in any game, cards, club, or billiards for the day.

  • Non-Member/Guest Sports & Fitness Day Pass - $12: Day passes are available for those guests wishing to take advantage of the fitness center, pool, or any land/water fitness class for the day.

*Please contact our Member Guest Services desk with questions regarding membership.

Membership Guidelines

The membership manual is designed to provide guidelines for conduct at Evergreen Commons. We look forward to working together to provide a positive experience in your Community Center participation.