Frequently Asked Questions


Our door is always open to help with issues impacting older adults including financial, health insurance, medical equipment, assisted living and other housing, caregiver assistance, low-cost food provisions, and much more. As the communities most extensive resource for older adults, we’ll explain options to maintaining independence and accessing a variety of support.

We hear questions like these each day:

  • Are there possible funding options to help cover the cost of Evergreen Commons’ Day Center?

  • Where can I get information on the options nearby for independent senior housing, assisted living, and skilled nursing care?

  • My friend is concerned about the cost of in-home care services as she has limited income.  Are there programs she might qualify for that would help cover the cost?

  • I have legal questions about estate planning and elder law issues.  Who should I contact?

  • My loved one is in need of home delivered meals as they are home bound and have difficulty preparing nutritious meals.  Is there a program to help them?

  •  I live alone and worry about falls and medical incidents and having no way to reach someone for help. Can you help me understand what medical alert systems are available and if there are programs that help cover the monthly cost?

  • Are there low income assistance programs that I am eligible for?

  • Are there caregiver support services near me?

  • I’m not really sure what questions I should even be asking.  Can I explain my situation and get guidance? 

  • I’m turning 65 soon and have questions about my Medicare benefits. Can someone from Evergreen Commons help with this?

  • What if I’m not sure about the type of assistance to request?

  • Does a person have to be a member of Evergreen commons to contact the Resource Office?

  • I heard there is a meal program at Evergreen Commons to help older adults get a healthy meal and socialize with others. Is there a program like this at Evergreen Commons?

  • My loved one is in need of help in their home. They struggle with personal care, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and meal preparation. Is there a service to give them help?

  • I am the primary caregiver of my loved one and really need respite services. Do you have information on my options?

  • My doctor recommended Evergreen Commons for daytime activities, personal care, routine-health monitoring, and caregiver support/respite. Can you tell me a little bit about the programs and how to get started?

  • Are there food assistance programs are available in my area?

  • Who do I contact to inquire about available veterans benefits?


Each day we help older adults by taking the time to listen to their questions and situation whether by phone or in person, to help find the answers needed. If you ever have a question feel free to stop by the Resource Office or call 616-355-5118, we are happy to help.