Our door is always open to help with issues impacting older adults including financial, insurance, housing, caregiver assistance and more. We’ll explain options to maintaining independence and accessing a variety of support.

Care Coordination

This is one of the unique aspects of Evergreen Commons that makes our services different and exceptional. Our Care Coordinators are trained professionals who will work personally alongside individuals and families. They will help them understand the many options available in maintaining independence in the home and accessing a variety of support and assistance which they may not be aware of. Some of the services our team offers include the following:

  • A broad knowledge base of community resources and agencies

  • A free in-home assessment of needs and a personalized plan of care

  • Meetings and consults with caregivers to offer support and discuss resources

  • Screening individuals for state and federal financial assistance

  • On going coordination of supportive services through Evergreen and other appropriate organizations

  • Assistance in planning for future care needs

Health Clinics


Beltone Hearing Centers and Comprehensive Ear & Hearing each provide staffing once a month for this clinic (2nd and 4th Monday's from 1:00PM-2:30PM). Hearing screenings are administered, hearing aids are checked and cleaned (all brands), and ears are checked for wax blockage and general health. No appointments are required, and there's no charge for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions


What if someone isn't sure about the type of assistance to request?

That's part of how we can help. According to someone's situation, we can explain the options and explore which ones might prove most helpful.

Does a person have to be a member of Evergreen commons to contact the Resource Office?

No, it is available to the general public. We like to think of this office as a one-stop shop for the entire community.

Such an open-door policy must make for a busy office!

Yes, indeed. We try to know answers to the widest possible range of questions about issues affecting older adults. Many inquiries come from family members who have concerns about a loved one. If we don't know an answer, we do our best to find it out.

Do you also see people in person?

Yes, individuals, couples, relatives, and entire families come into the office. Sometimes a conversation is very sensitive because a need is being addressed for the first time. We try to emphasize that life's struggles are common to all of us and the focus of our services is on helping people remain at home comfortably and safely, which is where most of us wish to live.

Medicare & Medicaid Assistance Program

This free service has trained and certified counselors who meet one-on-one with individuals to provide objective assistance in the following areas:

  • Understanding Medicare benefits

  • Comparing and enrolling in Medicare Prescription and Advantage plans

  • Reviewing supplemental insurance options

  • Applying for Medicaid and Prescription Drug assistance


Examples of the wide range of information provided through the Resource Office:

  • Housing lists for every level of care, including senior apartments, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities

  • Information handout on Nursing Home Medicaid in Michigan

  • Information handout on MI Choice Medicaid Waiver Program

  • Information handout on Low-Income Assistance Programs

  • Explanations of medical alert systems and referrals to trustworthy providers

  • Templates for simple legal documents, including a medical power of attorney

  • Contact information for elder law providers

  • Contact information for veterans wishing to explore VA benefits eligibility

  • Contact information for local providers of ramps and medical equipment

  • Explanations of prescription medication discount cards

  • Suggestions for low-cost food provisions

  • Anything else relating to older adults in our community