Performing Arts

Opportunity abounds at Evergreen Commons through which you can discover and develop your musical talent or artistic expression. By joining one of our renowned performing groups, you will not only have fun socializing, but you will receive many other benefits that promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For details of when the following groups meet, please refer to our Calendar page or page 8 & 9 of our current Courier. 

The Evergreen Chorale

The chorale is a well-balanced ensemble of 100+ voices, conducted by Kerry Daab. The choir meets weekly from September through the end of May. The group performs two full concerts and a number of additional programs around the community throughout the year. Its members also participate in the Commons of Evergreen Christmas shows.

  • Membership in the Chorale is by audition, for singers 50 years of age and older.

Evergreen Singers

This 40 member choir has been part of Evergreen Commons since the first week it opened in 1985. They sing four part harmony and rehearsals run from March through mid-November. They perform in local venues from nursing facilities to churches. You don't need to be able to read music and new members are welcome and encouraged!

The Commons reACTORS

The Commons reACTORS is a reader's theatre group who perform throughout West Michigan. The "re" defines them as "new and different" and ACTORS defines them as people who enjoy theatre; but don't enjoy memorizing lines like "stage" actors. They read scripts to tell the story and use voice, gesture, and talent to entertain their audiences. This fun-loving group is always seeking people interested in writing, directing, searching for scripts, and, of course, performing! You can read more about them here!

Noteblenders Harmonica Band

This fun-loving group is made up of 10-15 members who play harmonica, with some guitar and piano accompaniment. They rehearse March through November and perform at churches, retirement homes, fairs and other events. You don't have to read music and they will even teach you to play harmonica... so join the fun!

This group meets from the first Tuesday in April through the end of October.

The Commons Dutch Dancers

You don't have to be Dutch to join this group, but you'll learn authentic Dutch dances. Rehearsals run from September through early November, then resume in March. Costumes and shoes are provided. Both men and women are welcome to join this fun group. Members of this group enjoy performing here at The Commons at Dutch Village during the Holland, MI Tulip Time Festival, and at nursing homes and retirement centers around the Holland area.

The Commons Handbell Choir

The handbell is a unique instrument. The Commons Handbell Choir ring a three-octave set of handbells, from C below middle C to two octaves above middle C, as well as the sharps and flats associated with each note. Bell ringing is unique because each individual plays just two notes. 

The art of handbell ringing is not as difficult as it may appear. The ability to read music is helpful but not a requirement. Experience in playing the piano or other instrument is helpful, but certainly not necessary. Ringing handbells differs from playing the piano in that, rather than needing to play all the notes on the staff, each ringer only needs to follow their own two notes. Thus, each member of the handbell choir is a valuable asset.

  • This group rehearses September through May.

For questions and additional information, please contact Barb Visser - Enrichment Program Coordinator at 616-355-5136.