Performing Arts


The Evergreen Chorale

The 100 + member choir performs two full concerts and a number of additional programs around the community throughout the year. Membership in the Chorale is through audition for singers 50 years and older.

Evergreen Singers

The 40 member choir has been part of Evergreen Commons since the first week it opened in 1985, performing in local venues from nursing homes to churches. The ability to read music is not required, and new members are welcome!


The Commons reACTORS

This fun-loving group focuses on reading, using expressive voices, faces and gestures to bring the story to life – creating images that allow the audiences’ imaginations to soar. Words become magic! Click here to learn more!

Noteblenders Band

Noteblenders is a fun group who play and teach harmonica, with guitar and piano accompaniment. The group performs at churches, retirement homes, and other events. The ability to read music is not required – come join the fun!


The Commons Dutch Dancers

You don't have to be Dutch to join, but you'll learn authentic Dutch dances! The men and women in this group enjoy performing in the Tulip Time Festival, at nursing homes and retirement centers around the Holland area. Costumes and shoes are provided.

The Commons Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir ring a three-octave set of handbells, from C below middle C to two octaves above middle C, as well as the sharps and flats associated with each note. The art of handbell ringing is unique because each individual plays just two notes! The ability to read music is helpful but not a requirement.