Parkinson's Programming

We want to help People with Parkinson's Disease Live Better Today by offering programming that specializes in just that.

Pedaling for Parkinson's

There is new hope for those diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Dr. Alberts with Cleveland Clinic, a bio-medical engineer and avid cyclist, has done studies on "rapid leg movement". He found that there was a 35% decrease in PD symptoms when a specific protocol was followed. Gait, balance, tremors and rigidity improved. Also, the participants in the studies saw an improvement in energy, stamina and cognitive function.

The Person with Parkinson's (PwP) follows a specific exercise regimen on a stationary bike or a tandem bike with a co-rider (captain) who helps maintain the required pedaling speed, intensity, and duration.

It is important to note that this exercise regimen is not a cure, but provides the PwP a significant reduction in their symptoms. For more information on the program, fees, how to get started and/or how to volunteer to become a "captain", please contact Marcie Gove, Fitness & Aquatics Manager via email or 616-355-5127

Moving with parkinson's class

This is a 45 minutes class for those with Parkinson’s or other neurological challenges. Led by Attila Mosolygo, Grand Rapids Ballet School Director, with a chair for support and set to live piano music, you will express movement in creative and fun ways. See the current issue of The Courier for days and times offered. 

Pedaling for parkinson's spin class

This is a one hour class designed for those diagnosed with Parkinson's. You will receive the same benefits as you do on the tandem bike. See one of the fitness staff regarding your ability to take the class and the current issue of The Courier for days and times offered. 

Balance & stretch for parkinson's

This 55 min. class is designed exclusively for those dealing with Parkinson's. The exercises will help increase balance and flexibility and strengthen your voice. Meets Monday's & Wednesday's at 10:15 am

parkinson's exercise class

This 60 min. class will use the support of a chair to perform seated and standing exercises-designed for those with Parkinson's or neurological challenges. Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:30 am

movement matters

This 45 min. ongoing class for People with Parkinson's that have "graduated" from the LSVT BIG Therapy program. The class will focus on maximal daily exercises and functional movements in a group setting. Participants will receive support and encouragement from peers as well as supervision by a trained professional. Meets Wednesdays at 9:00 am

parkinson's support group

This is a 1 hour support group which will feature a different topic and speaker each month. The support group is free and open to the public, please see the current issue of The Courier for the current months details. (April will not have a support group due to our Parkinson’s Partners in Motion week)