NEW - Moving with Parkinson's Programming Begins September 11, 2017


We are excited to partner with the Grand Rapids Ballet School and bring you "Moving with Parkinson's". 

At Grand Rapids Ballet School, we believe in the therapeutic power of dance. That’s why we’re proud to offer “Moving with Parkinson’s” class. Because there is no cure for this chronic and progressive disorder, many patients turn to therapy to maintain some degree of independence—and we’re here to provide it in a less traditional, more holistic way. This doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office; you’re in a dance studio that’s invigorating and restorative while providing you with a true sense of community. It’s so much more than an exercise class. Join us and find out for yourself or tell someone you love today!

Moving with Parkinson's.jpg

This 12 week program will begin Monday, September 11th from 11:15am-Noon and is open to anyone age 50+ that has Parkinson's disease or some other form of movement barriers and Care Partners. 

Cost is $36/members and $60/non-members (No additional charge for Care Partners to attend.) Please register in advance at the Member Guest Services desk. 

Dress Code: loose, comfortable clothing