Bathing Program

The Day Center’s in-house bathing program, optional for participants, is also available to older adults in the community. Sometimes a person struggles to meet their own bathing needs safely, and a caregiver isn’t able or doesn’t feel comfortable giving the necessary assistance. There may be issues with sensitive skin or inadequate cleaning. The bathing program offers the option of a barrier-free shower or a specially designed whirlpool tub. The tub, also barrier-free, features a patented purification system that disinfects up to 99% of waterborne bacteria. The system, coupled with special cleansing oils, addresses the hygiene challenges that are unique to older adults while caring for the skin. Both bathing options are provided in a private setting with professional staff assistance on an appointment basis.

Cost: $30 for the community, $20 for Day Center participants
For more information, please call our Resource Office at 616-355-5118