Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come in for a tour of The Day Center of Evergreen Commons?

Yes! We encourage you to come in for a tour to check us out! Feel free to call us at (616) 355-5118 to schedule a tour. Someone is always available to show off our innovative program and surroundings.

How often do individuals attend The Day Center? What type of schedule do most people keep?

Many individuals attend 2-5 days a week. Many come Mon/Wed/Fri, others attend Tues/Thur and yet others attend different schedules such as Tue/Wed/Fri. Some individuals arrive right at 7:30 AM, while others like to sleep a little longer and show up for the day at 11:00 AM. Our goal is to meet YOUR need and whatever your family situation may be. We are here for you!


The Day Center Hours 

  • Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

How do I talk to my loved one about going to The Day Center? What do I do when my loved one says they are just fine at home alone and don’t need day care?

This can often be a difficult step in the caregiver process. How you approach it is different for everyone, depending on your situation. Below are a few great examples of how to start this important discussion with your loved one.

  1. Fun, fellowship, and good food!!! Highlight the social aspects and downplay the care aspects of the center. The center can be described as a social club

  2. Discuss the productive aspects of the activities at the center. Explain that they may be there to attend a meeting or volunteer to help others.

  3. Describe some of the activities that might be of interest to them, and explain that this is an opportunity to rediscover old interests as well as discover new interests.

  4. Encourage them to just try it for a week or so.

  5. Ask them to do it for you, because you love them. They will be safe, and you can go to work or run errands and not worry.

  6. Ask them to do it for the whole family. It gives everyone a break from each other and helps the family get along better.

  7. Talk over the health aspects that will enhance their physical wellness. Explain that the nurse can monitor blood pressure, check blood sugar, administer medication, or do special “therapy,” such as the Parkinson’s exercise group.

  8. Explain that this is something that they must do. Do not give them a choice. Leave them a note when you will pick them up.

  9. Don’t!!! If they are highly anxious, do not discuss coming to the center in advance. The orientation and explanation can take place at the center.

  10. Realize that the center's staff is accustomed to initial resistance and very capable of helping your loved one overcome it.

What is the cost involved to attend The Day Center of Evergreen Commons?

The Day Center of Evergreen charges each participant according to their level of care. An assessment is completed upon admission to determine what level of care a participant may be, ranging from Level 1 (least amount of additional care) to Level 4 (highest level of additional care).

The private pay costs are either for a full day (more than 4 hours) or a half day (4 hours or less).

  • Level 1: $72/Full Day $56/Half Day

  • Level 2: $77/Full Day $61/Half Day

  • Level 3: $82/Full Day $66/Half Day

  • Level 4: $87/Full Day $71/Half Day

  • Transportation Services: $8.50/ride

*Financial assistance is available for those who qualify

How does the cost of attending The Day Center compare to the cost of my loved one moving to a long-term care facility?

Did you know that the average cost for your loved one to live in a long-term care facility (assisted living, nursing home, dementia unit) can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 a month? The highest cost for someone to attend The Day Center (5 days a week, with transportation services, at the highest level of care) would be approximately $1,955 a month. Talk about a win/win situation for everyone!

Click here to discover how Adult Day Services compares nationally to the cost of other long term care options.

Is adult day care covered by long-term care insurance?

Most long-term care insurance policies do cover adult day care services. Check your policy to be certain. Often there is a co-pay or required amount of money that must be spent out of pocket before the long-term care insurance begins paying.

Do you offer a free trial day for my loved one?

Yes! We firmly believe that the best way to learn about the benefits offered by The Day Center of Evergreen, is to experience it first-hand. Call 616-355-5118 to schedule a free trial day for your loved one. Not only will he/she experience all that is offered with engaging activities, but a free lunch is also part of the deal. We are confident that a free trial day will turn into your wish to regularly have your loved one attending our program.

Who takes care of my loved one while they are at The Day Center of Evergreen Commons?

Rest assured your loved one will receive incredible care from our experienced staff members. Our team consists of Program Nurse, Program Manager, Activity Coordinator, Caregiver Support Coordinator, Food Service Coordinator, Receptionist, Milieu Managers, Nursing Assistants, Medication Technicians and Program Assistants. Each Day Center staff initially receives several hours of training specific to adult day services and are required to maintain CPR and AED certification. Background checks are completed on all staff members before employment in our program begins.

What is your staff-to-participant ratio?

The Day Center of Evergreen has at least one staff member for every five participants.

What meals are provided at the center?

Click HERE for this month’s menu.

What type of activities do you offer?

Click HERE for a detailed description of our activity program.

Do you offer transportation services?

The Day Center of Evergreen offers several transportation choices. We have partnered with Pioneer Resources and Allegan County Transportation to be able to provide busing services for our participants. Our goal is to provide you with safe, personable and high quality service from your front door to ours.

How do I get to the The Day Center of Evergreen Commons?

The Day Center of Evergreen is located in our bright, newly renovated building on the corner of River Ave. and 16th Street in Holland, MI. 

55 West 16th Street, Holland MI 49423