Activities, Calendar & Menu

Each individual participant has a therapeutic activity plan of care based on his or her Interest Survey, Health History, and Health Assessment. The activity plan will emphasize the participant's strengths and abilities, and contribute to feelings of competence and accomplishments. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative Arts: painting, drawing, crafts

  • Educational: brain builders, trivia, computer games

  • Music: bell choir, musical performance guests, sing-a-long

  • Physical/Gross Motor: armchair exercise, balloon swat, bowling

  • Social: front porch travels, discussion group, reminiscing, table games

  • Spiritual: faith and devotions, prayer circle, hymn sing (we also offer these groups in Spanish)


Day Center Menu:

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Thursday 8/15
Spinach salad, beef stronganoff served over egg noodles with a side of carrots, and a cream puff. (3)

Friday 8/16
Cottage cheese, arugula salad served with a whole wheat dinner roll and fruit cocktail. (2)

Monday 8/19
Strawberry yogurt, seafood salad croissant served with pasta salad and fresh fruit. (4)

Tuesday 8/20
Coleslaw, ultimate BLT sandwich on rye bread, served with French onion potato chips and apple sauce. (4)

Wednesday 8/21
Garden salad, herb grilled chicken over black bean quinoa salad topped with pineapple salsa, served with a side of sauteed green beans, and a peanut butter cookie. (1)

Thursday 8/22
3-bean salad, sausage and pepper sub served with potato salad and a fruited jello. (4)

Friday 8/23
Lemon poppy seed muffin, rigatoni Al Forno with a side of California blend vegetables and vanilla pudding with oreos. (4)

Monday 8/26
Coleslaw, mushroom Swiss burgers served with French fries and fruit cocktail. (4)

Tuesday 8/27
Garden salad, grilled cheese and tomato soup served with cinnamon pears. (3)

Wednesday 8/28
3-bean salad, chicken enchiladas served with Mexican ride and stewed black beans and cherry crisp. (4)

Thursday 8/29
Cottage cheese, tater tot casserole with steam broccoli and a cranberry orange muffin. (4)

Friday 8/30
Fresh fruit, bacon, onion & cheese quiche served with breakfast potatoes and an oatmeal raisin cookie. (5)

Wednesday 7/31
Cottage cheese, ham and cheese quiche served with breakfast potatoes and fresh fruit (4).

Thursday 8/1
Garden salad, meatloaf with mashed potatoes, gravy and mixed vegetables and a blueberry muffing. (4)

Friday 8/2
Broccoli salad, chicken tender basket with tater tots, broccoli salad and choice of dipping sauce and a crispy peanut square. (5)

Monday 8/5
3-bean salad, cavatappi pasta bake with a garden herb cream sauce served with baby carrots and fruit cocktail. (3)

Tuesday 8/6
Pasta salad, southwestern Caesar salad topped with grilled chicken, served with peaches. (3)

Wednesday 8/7
Banana nut muffin, baked ham with a pineapple sauce, served with scalloped potatoes and buttered corn, served with chocolate pudding. (4)

Thursday 8/8
Carrot salad, Reuben sandwich served with coleslaw and potato salad, served with mandarin oranges. (4)

Friday 8/9
Garden salad, fish tacos with cilantro slaw and fresh pico, served with a garden salad, served with fresh fruit and a chocolate chip cookie. (3)

Monday 8/12
3-bean salad, teriyaki chicken over white rice, served with roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes, with a side of pineapple. (3)

Tuesday 8/13
Veggies with ranch dip, DLX turkey sandwich on rye bread, served with pasta salad and strawberry jello. (4)

Wednesday 8/14
Peaches, grilled pork chops with caramelized onion compote, served with mashed potatoes and buttered corn. BIRTHDAY CAKE! (3)

Sandwich Choices:
Prepared on a multi-grain bread with cheese, tomato, and lettuce, served with the daily starter course and dessert.

Sept 19-24: Chicken Salad

Sept 25-30: Sliced Ham

Sept 1-4: Sliced Ham

Sept 5-10: Egg Salad

Sept 11-18: Tuna Salad