Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - FISH BOIL & AMBER ELK RANCH

Tour Includes: Transportation via climate controlled, restroom & DVD equipped motor coach. Complete fish boil dinner, a visit to the Amber Elk Ranch, coffee & sweet rolls, taxes and gratuities for listed group functions, including driver. Payment in full confirms your reservation. This tour will be cancelled if the required number of participants is not met 30 days prior. Please make checks payable to Gail Andrus Travel. For more information, please contact the Travel Desk at 616-355-5115.

At Cherry Point Farm & Market, enjoy a lecture of the farm and history of the area. Then feast on a traditional fish boil! The entire process can be observed with the host preparing the fish boil in a large custom made kettle boiling over a wood fire. Then redskin potatoes, later onions are added and lastly fresh whitefish. The meal is served picnic style with herb-seasoned butter, coleslaw and garlic toast. Delicious homemade cherry pie completes the meal. Don't forget to pick up delectable pastries, jams and other goodies from the market to take home!

At the Amber Elk Ranch, we will take a wagon ride through 130 acres of beautiful pastureland where we will see cows, spikers, calves, and internationally acclaimed bull elk up close. We will also get an inside view of the work and commitment it takes to operate the farm.