Cafe Menu:  April 2018

Main entree: $6 includes beverage of your choice (water, iced/hot tea, or coffee)

Monday 4/2
Ham dinner served with green bean casserole and baked potato.

Tuesday 4/3
Chicken and mushroom Alfredo served with garlic bread and steamed broccoli.

Wednesday 4/4
Seafood salad croissant with potato chips and coleslaw.

Thursday 4/5

Stuffed shells with marinara and fresh vegetables.

Friday 4/6
Chicken fried rice served with Asian salad.

Monday 4/9
Greek quesadillas. Grilled flour tortillas with mozzarella and feta cheese, gyro meat, tomatoes and onions served with macaroni salad and potato chips.

Tuesday 4/10
Beef tacos with traditional sides, stewed black beans and Mexican rice.

Wednesday 4/11
Chicken pot pie with green bean medley.

Thursday 4/12
Rigatoni al forno. Rigatoni noodles and meat sauce baked with mozzarella cheese and served with fresh vegetables.

Friday 4/13
Mushroom ravioli in a roasted garlic and spinach cream sauce with sauteed mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes and yellow squash served with garlic bread.


Monday 4/16
Tuna noodle casserole with roasted cauliflower.

Tuesday 4/17
Pigs in a blanket served with mixed vegetables.

Wednesday 4/18
Teriyaki chicken over roasted sweet potato, green bean and quinoa salad.

Thursday 4/19
Pizza Day! BLT pizzas served with Caesar salad and a bread stick.

Friday 4/20
Tilapia with bruschetta tomatoes served with herbed rice and fresh vegetables.

Monday 4/23
Ham and Swiss bake. Ham, mushrooms, onions, peas and tossed with bowtie pasta and Swiss sauce served with fresh vegetables.

Tuesday 4/24
Chicken enchiladas served with traditional sides, Mexican rice and stewed black beans.

Wednesday 4/25
Bourbon pork over white rice with steamed broccoli.

Thursday 4/26
Sicilian breaded chicken with ratatouille and linguini Alfredo.

Friday 4/27
Italian style meatloaf. Mixed with Italian spices and topped with an Italian cheese blend and tomato sauce. Served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

Monday 4/30
Swiss chicken casserole with chicken gravy and fresh vegetables.





Design Your Own Sandwich

(All sandwiches include chips, pickle and beverage.)

Prepared on either multi-grain bread or a wrap: Whole $4 / Half $3.50


Ham, Turkey, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad


Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup

Self-Serve Salad Bar

(Includes beverage water, hot/iced tea, coffee)

Your choice of either a Medium Salad: $3.50 or a Large Salad: $5

Soup of the Day

(Includes roll and beverage water, hot/iced tea, coffee)

We offer two homemade soups each day served with a roll: $2.50